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Monday, 19 December 2011 12:25

Apparently The Albany Pub was set up by Daniel Lucas, a whaler who arrived in New Zealand from nobody knows where, set up a flax mill in the area and a pub, then abandoned his land and the pub some years later and disappeared, to nobody knows where- a hard case one might say. Personally I think Mr Lucas (RIP) would be rolling in his grave if he knew how his pub was being run these days.

I moved to Albany last week and spent a few days sorting my new place out. Once all set up I had a craving for a nice big steak. Being a new age Google type guy, I googled ‘albany restaurant and bar’ and found a few to choose from. The Albany Pub was literally 100 metres down the road and they had steak on the menu.

30 mins later I grabbed my wallet and walked down to experience my new local and have a good feed.

On ‘arrival’ I wasn’t sure where the entrance was and accidentally walked around the side of the bar. A couple of staff members were outside smoking and yelled out “Fellers?”. I presumed they were talking about the band that was advertised on the billboard outside that said “The Feelers” but replied, “No, just want a steak”. They pointed me around to the other side/ entrance. Oddly enough (as  I will explain later0 they actually looked like kitchen staff/ cooks.

I made my way through the back/ main entrance and up to the bar- there were around 20 people in there- looked good. I ordered a beer from the bar staff but soon noticed that he was pouring the beer into a small plastic mug. I asked if they had any proper glasses for beer. He replied that “The Feelers” were starting soon so they were only using plastic cups. I replied that I was not here to see The Feelers and actually just wanted a beer and a steak. At that point the bar manager (I presume) told me that the kitchen was actually closed and they only had pizzas available. I told her a pizza would be fine and the bar guy poured me a proper beer in a tall glass- we were getting somewhere. As I sipped my beer, the bar manager girl came back and told me that the kitchen was actually closed and thus there would be no pizza either. Oh well I thought, at least I can enjoy a beer then wonder off elsewhere to find a steak.

As I enjoyed my beer outside with a cigarette, I noticed more people in the room next door. I took a look inside and found a younger crowd, so went up to the bar to grab another beer. I was almost thinking by that stage that I could go without dinner and just buy a ticket and enjoy the band - a few cool people were showing up and all seemed pretty 'amped'. On this next bar (the one next door) was a pizza menu- so I thought I’d try my luck and attempt to order a pizza again. The bar staff in that bar told me the kitchen was now closed “because The Feelers” were going to start soon. I handed the pizza menu that was on the bar back to the bar staff- but they insisted I put it back on the bar! Weird. By that stage, the bar guy in this bar had poured me a beer in the plastic cup. Bugger I thought- these guys are really struggling here, but might as well go back outside and enjoy my plastic mug beer as much as possible, now they had sold it to me. Within a couple of minutes of sitting down, the bar staff came outside and told everyone they had to leave and go cue up outside for “The Feelers”. When they came past me I explained that I had just bought my beer and wished to finish it before I left. The answer was “well you have 5 minutes”. About a minute later, a young gym bunny type guy came over and told me I had to leave and go outside. I explained again that I had been sold a beer and wanted to finish it. He then became rude and told me I had to leave immediately and go cue up outside. I explained that I had no idea who the hell “The Feelers” were  and that despite having spoken to a number of staff thus far- no one had explained to me that everyone was required to leave in a few minutes, but they were all apparently ok with selling me beer and advertising pizzas for a kitchen that was closed. At that point the young gym bunny guy (son of the owner type looking wanker) started grunting like a pig/ or a child scolded by his mother. Unbelievable. He just stood there and grunted like a stuck pig and looked like he was ready to launch himself at me. It was around that stage that I figured my little plastic cup beer was almost done and I could probably move on and go look for a steak elsewhere.  As I stood up and went to leave the young gym bunny/ owners son type spoilt little wanker just stood there grunting, puffing up his chest like an angry little child. As far as I know he is still standing there doing it- it was freaky.

I walked outside and down the road to a great restaurant called GPK where I had one of the best steaks of my life- the staff were fantastic and the food divine- although a little more expensive.

Anyway I know where I will go for a steak from now on in Albany and don’t think I will go back to the Albany Pub- 5 or 6 different staff members all told me something different. They were more than keen to take my money but were obviously totally out of their depth even before “The Feelers” had started. I also noticed other customers swearing under their breath as they were all asked to go outside and queue up at the same time.

If you need a steak in Albany- try GPK, avoid The Albany Pub- no longer deserving of the heritage they claim. Role over Mr Lucas you hard case (RIP). And rest in peace The Albany Pub.


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