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Brew on Quay

102 Quay Street, Auckland
09 302 2085
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Brew on Quay is the latest project from the Brew boys. 3 boys (actually men by age, but boys in every other sense), who have been friends/drinking buddies for a very very long while. With a background in the hospitality industry by trade, and the brew industry by passion, the Brew boys wanted to create a bar with a point of difference. Focusing on great atmosphere, ambience, fine food and the best brews from around the world.

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byadmin, November 14, 2014
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Food was absolutely horrible and way overpriced! I was totally and utterly disgusted by the service and the food that I was served at this restaurant. I calmly asked the waitress if it was their standard practice to offer a small piddly piece of fish and charge $25.00 and she visibly was embarrassed. My colleagues all had complaints about their meals and no one finished their food as it was either burnt, salty or plain nasty. We have sworn never to go back particularly as I tried to calmly explain to their duty manager William that I found it unacceptable to be charged that amount for such a small fish. William was rude and walked away from me when I was speaking to him and proceeded to take payment from me. I have never complained before and this has left a very bad taste in my mouth! We have sworn never to enter that restaurant ever again.