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268 Karangahape Road, Newton, Auckland
(09) 358 5103
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Ink Coherent- Stylish sophisticated bar offering private courtyard with retractable roof. Ink on K'Road, Auckland, evolves into a nightclub after midnight.

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You know when you hear about a cool club/ party place for the first time- then you hear about it again and again, until you finally get your ass down their one night to check it out- well Ink & Coherent was like that for me- finally managed to drag a bunch of mates down there Staurday night to see what all the fuss was about. Awesome friendly staff, hyped up bar tenders going hard out to serve it up, two rooms to choose from (depending on the night), with Coherent being more large/clubby then Ink- which has more emphasis on the people & drinks, but also with cool muysic and DJ's and a cosy amping dance floor. Wicked sofa area down the back to chill/ cl;ose the deal, and the same outside for smokers and a bit of fresh air. Social as- the pro attitude of the staff just rubs off on the punters- peopel are their party/ have fun. By 3 or 4pm it seemed to heat up and the dance floor in Ink was cranking through to around 7am (I think!). I didn't spend much time in the larger Coherent next door- seemed a bit younger- tonnes of very hot looking younger woman (I think it was an International DJ they must have all got dressed up for), but I couldn't drag myself out of the comfy Ink options- fast service, dancefloor & the odd ciggy break/chat outside. Bloody great night out- two options in one - flick between zones/moods/people or just hang at the bar with the cool staff- loved it. Thus the effort on this review! ;) James. Auckland (newbie)