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    Welcome to Auckland’s newest Venue planning website. We only review and list the best venues in Auckland, so you have come to the right place. Browse through the Venues on our site and choose where you want to have your next party or just a night on the Town. This website has been built with you the party planner & party goer in mind with heaps of cool little features to help you choose the best Venue for your big night. Feel free to post a review of a Venue you have been to, or simply click to vote on your favourites.

Featured Auckland Restaurants

From Waterfront restaurants to delightful suburban taverns, Auckland has just the eatery you are looking for. Click Here to browse a selection of hand picked Auckland restaurants just right for your night out/ occasion.

Featured Auckland Nightclubs

Auckland's nightclub scene grows better and more diverse every year - from hot and sweaty house venues, to Latino style dancing meccas, there is something to suit all tastes and occasions.

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Featured Auckland Pubs & Bars

From a few casual drinks to a place where you can meet with a group for a special event, Auckland City has a great selection of pubs across the City.

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Whether you are looking for a wedding reception venue or the perfect plan for a weekend out partying, Auckland Venues has the perfect venue for you. View hundreds of images of great Auckland Bars, Restaurants and Venues, see what other people thought previously and place your own vote for your favourite and to recommend to others……

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Featured Venues

1. Ink Coherent
    Ink Coherent
    Rating: 4.5
2. Waitakere Estate
    Waitakere Estate
    Rating: 5
3. Cotter House
    Cotter House
    Rating: 5
4. Vikki Lane Bar & Kitchen
    Vikki Lane Bar & Kitchen
    Rating: 5
5. Danny Doolans
    Danny Doolans
    Rating: 5
6. Spy Club
    Spy Club
    Rating: 5
7. The Winchester
    The Winchester
    Rating: 5
8. Grand Central
    Grand Central
    Rating: 5

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